Monday, 27 June 2011




big love

Thursday, 14 May 2009


So its been ALONG time since i updated this old school blog (o:

so is everyone good?! what you been upto?

what have i been upto? been listening to alot of soundtracks HELL YES! went San Francisco with Lady C. was AMAZING! and very relaxing.

loving 24 and Prison break. can't believe there both on final episodes )o:

so im unsure what to do with this lovely blog? not even sure if any one reads it but thats not why i started it i guess.

keep in touch and much love always.


Friday, 23 January 2009

Happy Birthday

*picture by me (lovely Birmingham City)*

Happy Friday Yall!
Half way on this next remix (o: so into it and can't wait for feed-back!

OSR now 1 year old! wow how fast did that go and how much has our style changed!

as soon as i get my external hard-drive plugged in im gonna upload some CLASSIC OSR and see what you think

Speak soon! happy weekends


Happy New Year! Happy Christmas! Happy Birthday! Happy New Internet Service (o:

*that was taken on Christmas eve. seems like SO LONG AGO*

so yesterday my good dad got my internet wired after MONTHS of failed wi-fi and im 100% back with full power internet! HELL YES!

feels good (o:

so what have i been upto?!?

been enjoying DONNY, Counterstrike and End.user maybe Breakcore is the way forwards LOL!

BUT YES! so much news to bring and NEW NEW NEW TRACKS! which im so so happy with!
SOME KILLER REMIXES! exciting EP news. summer parties. much much more!

2009 is gonna rock!

*special thanks for all the emails and support and so sorry its taken me so so long to reply*

also myspace will be updated real soon so keep a look out!

Much Love : James (the 1 post a year legend)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

New School Reunion

Studio Update!

So we are working hard in the studio getting new materiel together for the new
"on the fruits records" EP.


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